Skin Tag Removals – Before and After

Safely and permanently have your non-cancerous, unsightly skin growths removed from your face and body.  The non-invasive treatment gives results in just one session by using a high-frequency, electrical current that cauterizes and desiccates skin growths but doesn’t penetrate the skin.  
After growth removal, a natural protective coating or scab develops that covers the treated area.   The scab will fall off within a week or two and be replaced with healthy new skin cells matching the color of the surrounding skin.  Normally, there is no indication of the previous growth. However, if you are prone to these types of growth, new ones may appear elsewhere on your face and body.
All customers photographed before, during, and after treatments have consented to the posting of their photos on this Facial Healings by Jessica website.  None of the photos have been digitally altered or professionally enhanced.  No one, other than myself and my staff, has permission to use, duplicate, or download the following for use outside this website.

Before322566_974918358875_610191990_o (2)After 20150308_165757

Before 20150312_114415 20150312_114423 20150312_114432

During 20150312_120947  20150312_121012

All off!  20150312_121550

Skin tags #4 - Before

Skin tags #4 – Before

Skin tags #4 - After

Skin tags #4 – After

Skin tags #5 - Before

Skin tags #5 – Before

Skin tags #5 - After

Skin tags #5 – After








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