Post Treatment Recommendations

I. Facials

II. Microdermabrasions


What you do in the next 24 to 72 hours may affect the progress of your skin care treatment.

  • Hydrate!!! Skin stimulation and massaging scalp and facial muscles releases toxins from pent-up tension and stress. Flush it out.
  • Don’t visit a sauna, steam room, or work out. You’ve just been cleaned, steamed, and “glowified’. Don’t strip your glow!
  • Schedule body massages BEFORE your facial so that you don’t get a toilet-set imprint on your newly poreless complexion. (See me about scheduling a tandem facial/body massage.)
  • Don’t touch or wash you face until tomorrow. You’ve spent more time than usual cleansing your skin professionally.
  • Wear a hat or cap with a wide brim and stay out of the sun. You have a new batch of vulnerable skin that can easily burn. Sun exposure can cause sun damage and skin cancer.
  • Don’t use at-home peels or Retina A/Renova for at least 72 hours. We use anti-aging products in our facial treatments. Overuse of glycolic acid, alpha hydroxyl, or retinoid products may cause redness. Give your skin a break.
  • Don’t pick. Pimples are left behind when they are not close enough to the surface. Deep-cleansing facials make pimples surface naturally within 24 hours. Call for a follow-up extraction.
  • Don’t wear makeup–well, that’s not mandatory but your skin is fresh and new. Why not use this time to go au naturel?

If you have any questions or need to schedule a follow-up appointment, please do not hesitate to call Jessica at: (813) 545-1445.

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