Service Descriptions

Microneedling – for hair loss repair $200

Microneedling the scalp can help with repairing hair loss.  Creating wounds in the skin can help regenerate the health of hair follicles.  This service requires multiple sessions and provides:

  • cranial massage
  • needling scalp from middle to front
  • use of 2% minoxidil or natural hair growth oil

Microneedling – for the face $200

Microneedling the face can help with minor scarring related to acne, wounds, and aging. This service requires multiple sessions and provides:

  • gentle facial cleaning
  • use of professional derma roller or pen
  • infusion of hyaluronic acid after service to help stimulate collagen production

Heavenly Facial for $100

Using microcurrents can help tighten facial muscles to provide immediate youthful results. This facial provides:

  • luxurious facial and cranial massage
  • use of premium products with microcurrent machine
  • tender care of your most visible asset

Healing Facial for $75

Deep cleaning your face promotes healthy, elastic skin. This facial provides:

  • deep facial massage
  • facial extraction
  • use of products that leave you refreshed and renewed

Loving Facial for $50

Stress and environmental pollution can build and be seen on your face. This facial provides:

  • gentle facial and cranial massage
  • gentle cleansing using products that will leave you with a healthy glow