Our Services / Nuestros Servicios


Full face (cara completa) usually $2,000 = $499 (save 75%)

Full neck or chin (cuello o mentón completo) = $199 — this service is not usually provided!

Full face & neck (cara y cuello completo) usually $3000 = $649 (save 78%)

Upper face & eye area / lower face & jawline

(cara superior y zona de los ojos/parte inferior de la cara y mandíbula)

usually $1000 = $299 (save 67%)

Both arms (los dos brazos) = $599

Stomach/abdomen  (el stomago/abdomen)  = $699

Thighs (los muslos) = $699


Slimdown – Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

(Tratamiento de Drenaje Linfático)

Cavitation sessions (sesión de cavitación)

Package of one (paquete de uno)  = $75

Package of three (paquete de tres) = $225

Package of six (paquete de seis)   = $440

Package of twelve (paquete de doce) = $870


(results after 6 to 12 sessions)

Be on the look out: Will incorporate FLASH SALES!!!

Esté pendiente: VENTAS DE FLASH!!!



Get a 45-minute:

Heavenly Facial for $110,

Healing Facial for $85,

or Revitalizing Facial for $79.

Facials include: 

A loving touch that gently massages away stress and infuses vitality.


Is hair loss causing anxiety? Do you have minor facial scarring? Consider receiving:

Micro-needling – for the face or for hair loss repair $199. 


Stay tuned Microcurrent facials: Everything you need to knowfor our new look …

added services …

& continued care.



Stay tuned for our upgraded

party packages!


Begin your facial healings today!