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Hello there!  My name is Jessica Merced, licensed Esthetician, and your partner on this journey.

I have been in the beauty business for over ten years and a seeker of relaxation for many more.  At Facial Healings LLC, my combined love of service, years of knowledge, and experience in providing professional care is delivered to YOU in a tranquil and relaxing environment.  I am about helping YOU take the time to love yourself.

People hold stress in different areas of their body.  Enjoying a  relaxing facial massage relieves tension. HIFU and cavitation treatments help to mold and reshape your body to relieve negative self images. Micro-needling restores hair loss and can also be used to restore collagen to the face. All of these services work together to lead you on the road to healing and recovery.

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Mobile, Tampa, FL

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813-545-1445, by appointment only